So, a few things changed since the last time I wrote. The weather, for one, has improved reasonably (which if you know me at all, you'll know that I am VERY happy about this). I mean it's not Australian temperatures, but it's also not sub zero degrees and I don't have to leave the house … Continue reading Mauritius


Home or Hell?

It's -4 degrees, there's snow on the ground, the country has come to an annual standstill and I'm jobless, penniless and shacked up in my childhood bedroom. To say I'm depressed to be back in the U.K. would be the understatement of a lifetime. This time, coming home was different. Nobody was overly excited to … Continue reading Home or Hell?


After yet another plane delay (this seemed to be a recurring theme throughout my trip) I landed in a very tropical (but very rainy) Hawaii. It wasn't quite the welcome that I had expected, but I had arrived. The downpour was so bad that the streets were flooded with ankle deep water and I regretted packing my flip … Continue reading Hawaii


You'd think I'd be used to change. Since March 2015 life has been a series of adventures. Waking up in new places, new faces, new homes, new jobs- it has been a constant flow of change. Yet every time change is imminent, I loose my fucking mind. I loose sleep, I loose patience, I get … Continue reading Change