Farewell Sydney, You Beauty

I reckon Sydney will be the warmest, most beautiful, well paid place I'll ever have the pleasure of working and living in. I'm not bitter about leaving, one. single. little. bit. My last couple of weeks in Sydney were pretty amazing and celebrating Christmas and New Year in the heat was a real treat. Don't … Continue reading Farewell Sydney, You Beauty



The time has come where I must load my life's possessions into one singular suitcase and carry-on bag, dig out that little book of magic, aka my passport, and vacate the Land Down Under. Are you excited for your adventure?! I hear you say. Abso-fucking-lutely not. I have become so comfortable in my cosy little … Continue reading Yackpacking


You'd think I'd be used to change. Since March 2015 life has been a series of adventures. Waking up in new places, new faces, new homes, new jobs- it has been a constant flow of change. Yet every time change is imminent, I loose my fucking mind. I loose sleep, I loose patience, I get … Continue reading Change