A Little About Me

After I went on a three month volunteering trip to rural India, I discovered my love of travel and interest in the developing world. I could say I found myself, if I was a total and utter bell-end.

I was just astonished by the difference in culture and overwhelmed by how unexposed to the world I had been. I had always travelled to different parts of Europe as a youngster and I thought that I was reasonably well-travelled. It was only until I went to Asia I realised how vast and diverse the planet really is.

India gave me butterflies in my stomach and not just the good kind.

I went on to study my under-grad in Global Development & International Relations at Leeds Metropolitan University where I learnt that success isn’t always parallel to your bank balance. I decided that in order to be happy, I had to help others- in any way that I could.

During my studies I worked for a homeless charity and this only supported my theory of happiness; It wasn’t at the bottom of my purse.

I have just left Australia after two incredible years, the second of which I finally put my degree to good use and worked for two international aid and development charities.

I’m now back at home and attempting that boring adult thing for a little while, not forgetting planning trips in between a work and social life.

Just because I’m not an unbearable backpacker any more, doesn’t mean to say I’m not going anywhere.