Flip The Coin

And just like that I decided to leave Gatton, with the flip of a coin.

I kept telling myself I wanted to leave after my 13 weeks were up because I wasn’t prepared to spend my birthday as a slave. But as much as I complained about Gatton it was also a very comfortable place, kind of like a little bubble. I had my friends, a job, a house and the prospect of change was exhausting. So I decided to make my decision based on heads or tails. 

I started using this method when Kerry and Ludo left months before, it’s useful when I am totally undecided on something and much easier to let something else make my decision for me. It usually helps me realise what I want deep down too.

Leaving Gatton was the perfect example. I couldn’t cope with the filth of my house, the horny housemates and the conveyor belt at the potato shed a moment longer, so I flipped a coin in the hope that it would tell me to leave. Heads was stay, tails was leave. The first time it landed on heads, so I did best of three because I wasn’t happy with the result and again heads came up trumps. I was left feeling a bit disappointed and so a few days later I tried again. This was the first alarm bell that rang; deep down I knew it was time to get out and most of all I was more than ready for it. Again (after best of five this time) heads beat tails. STILL not happy a few days later I decided to do the master coin. One flip, no best of three or five, just one flip. If it landed on heads I stayed for another three weeks and if it landed on tails, I would leave for Brisbane and then on to Sydney. 

It landed on tails and I felt a wave of excitement. 

I knew that was what I wanted all along but I just needed the coin to agree with me, that way if anything goes wrong I can blame it on fate or another probably non-existing phenomenon. So I packed up my room, had a final drunken fling with the Caravan Club and headed for Brisbane.

The Spud Shed Team

Team Gatton

Bonfire for Halloween- bloody Irish

Leaving the Lockyer Valley region was emotional, I hadn’t left in three months, not only this I had finally gotten over my irrational fear of socialising and making friends, in fact I made some amazing friends. I was sad to leave but also ecstatic. 

No more potatoes, going to work in sports wear looking like a tramp, no more Royal (our tragic local pub) and finally I could enjoy the freedom of leaving farmwork for city life that I had craved for so long. 

The last week (just under) has been fabulous. The Wednesday that I left Gatton I arrived in Brisbane to stay with Kerry and Ludo, it was a great seeing them for the first time in two months and it made me so happy (not to mention their place was like a palace compared to the crack den I had been living in). That evening I also got to spend time with Lizzie & Alfie (although not together) and it was lovely to see them too. 

Wednesday night I hit up Fortitude Valley (minus Kerry because she was too pissed to leave the flat) with Ludo, Alfie, Alfie’s friend, Dan and Kerry’s friend, Chloe; A very random group of people but a scream in any case. We ended up at a gay bar and needless to say things just got ridiculous. I forgot how much I had missed city nightlife even though it was pretty quiet with it being a Wednesday.

View of Brisbane city skyline from Kerry and Ludo’s balcony 

Kerry and I all glammed up ready for a night out, even though she never did make it out

Thursday was spent at the lagoon, mostly of me taking pictures of absolutely everything. It almost felt like I had been institutionalised and I had just gotten out of prison, everything I did/ saw I was in complete shock. Even just looking at the city skyline from Kerry and Ludo’s balcony left me speechless. 

Thursday night Lizzie and I spent in the Jacuzzi chatting away and then went for a few drinks down by the river side. I was determined not to be hungover for my flight so I packed my bag and got an early night.

Sunbathing down at the lagoon

Lizzie and I enjoying a soak in the hot tub

The airport was very moving, it was 11/11 and as I sipped on my obligatory gin breakfast, everyone stood up for a minute silence. I’ve never seen people stand up like that and show so much respect without being promted. It was really quite beautiful.

I slept most of the flight which was dreamy and touched down in Sydney, nervous for the coming weeks.

I made my way to Lucy and Elliot’s, a cracking couple I met and travelled the East Coast with earlier this year. They have very kindly agreed to let me stay whilst I sort myself out, it’s really nice to spend time with them again after such a long time (and staying in their lush flat is an extra perk). We had some drinks (Lucy had got the gin in) on their roof top on Friday, followed by a couple more in Surrey Hills and then headed over to Palm Beach, fresh as daisies, on Saturday morning. It was amazing to be by the sea again, I could have laid on the beach all day had they of let me. We spent the afternoon over at The Basin and had a delicious BBQ. We walked off our late lunch by heading up to the lighthouse to watch the sun set; a perfect end to a perfect day. 

Palm Beach

Elliot spoiling what would have been a lovely photo

Making friends over at The Basin

Sunset from the lighthouse

Sunday we had brunch at the Grounds of Alexandria and shit, I never thought I’d be one to take photos of my food but this was just too good not to Instagram. After brunch we headed over to Milk Beach, just past Rose Bay. It was a quaint little beach, slightly crowded, but there was a view of the Sydney Bridge and The Opera House, so I’m not going to complain.

Brunch at The Grounds of Alexandria, have you ever seen anything more Sydney in your life

Milk Beach views

That evening we got takeaway food and watched a movie. Civilisation never felt so good but I made a mental note to start my diet the following day and stop spending money on food. 

Yesterday was a shopping trip kind of day. I threw out so many clothes after farm work that it left me with barely anything. I treat myself to some new clothes, a new pair of trainers so I could finally exercise and some new Havianas seeing as beaching was going to be a regular occurrence now. I met up with Mel, a girl I used to work with in Leeds and it was so nice to see yet another familiar face having left so many behind in Gatton. 

A changing room?! What’s one of those?

Later that day I went for a jog in my new gear, sticking to my promise to get fit. I must have only ran for about 20 minutes but fuck did I almost die. I made another mental note to go again the following day. 

That evening Elliot and Lucy drove us up to Clovelly to spot the super moon. Now it wasn’t so super and we actually only saw it for about one minute as it peered out of one cloud and hid back behind another, it was fascinating to see all the same but the photo doesn’t do it much justice.

The not so super-moon, can you see it? No? Thought not

So all in all, a wonderful week spent catching up with some of my favourite people but also a very sad week saying bye to my little bubble in Gatton. I already miss the simplicity of farm life and am fed up of the prospect of job searching already. The thought of ‘adulting’ makes me sick to my core but my God is it a relief not having to sort a single fucking potato for the rest of my days.


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