Farmwork 4.0

Well! What an emotional rollercoaster the last few weeks have been. I have been working crazy hours (hence the lack of posts) and tomorrow I finish my tenth week of farmwork. Which means (technically) only three left to go! As I’ve mentioned though I’m staying on for another two just to be on the safe side. 

I’ve been working between 72 and 86 hours a week and whilst the money has been amazing, it has been a huge challenge for me. Standing at a conveyor belt watching potatoes for over 13 hours has led me to tears (several times) and left me feeling not just physically but mentally drained. All I have been doing is working and sleeping, literally, so I apologise about the content/length of the post!

My office- The Spud Shed

I worked 14 days in a row with 12-14 hours of work per day so I was delighted when we were finally given a day to rest. I slept in until 8.30am, yes 8.30am. Considering my alarm usually goes off at 3.30am, this was a staggering five hours sleep in. I did laundry, slept some more and then treat myself to a McDonalds on my way home from the supermarket. It was nice to see day light and organise my life myself for once. I had had my friend Mary staying with me for a couple of weeks and she had been helping me out with laundry and food shopping and I don’t think I could have got through it without her; or maybe I could have, just with several more breakdowns. The exhaustion led me to cry in the shower, in bed, at work and anywhere else deemed ridiculous. I can laugh at it all now. We’re only doing around 60 hours this week so I have had time to practise personal hygiene and I even managed a night out with my new spud friends on Saturday night, which was such a giggle.

A social life! I know, I’m out of control. 

Yesterday was the worst hangover I’ve had in ages. I spent the majority of my one day off in bed feeling extremely sorry for myself. I was later treat by Caitlin and Katie who dropped me a Dominoes off. I could have cried with happiness but I figured I’d done enough. So I officially only have five weeks left of farmwork! It is absolutely flying by and I never in a million years thought these words would come out of my mouth, but I am actually going to be sad to leave Gatton. I cannot wait for the next adventure though and am so excited for another year in this beautiful country without the worry of farmwork luring over me! 

I can see the light at the end of the tunnel; 23rd November (my birthday) come at me!


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