Ever The Optimist

Now any body that knows me well enough, knows that my glass is always half empty. Who doesn’t love a good rant?! So, the title of this post may seem slightly strange, if not laughable. But today I had an epiphany. 

For some unknown reason I am generally a very pessimistic person. As I’ve mentioned in a few of my posts I worry about irrelevant things that inevitably wind up with me feeling anxious and deflated. If my plans don’t go accordingly, I’ll feel as though I’ve failed and this will lead to more panic and even more irrational thinking.

Today, in literally the space of an hour and a half, this changed. 

My friend, Holly, recommended I watched The Secret, by Rhonda Byrnes (also a book). Now I don’t know the first thing about philosophy and I cringe at the word ‘spiritual’ but having nothing to loose I gave it a watch anyway. 

Now I can be pretty narrow minded with stuff like this (‘zen & holistic’ not usually being in my vocabulary) but I began watching the film with an open one. I told myself that although it could be bullshit the least I can do is try in the hope that it will help me be more optimistic about things. 

The basic gist I got from the film is that if you believe in something so much and tell yourself that you’re going to achieve whatever it is you want to, that you will. Where as if you focus on the bad things, you will just attract exactly that; bad things. For example if you wake up late one morning, rush to work in a frantic panic, arrive out of breath having forgotten your lunch, you’re going to have a terrible day. It’s the mindset that you put yourself in that attracts more bad things to happen, not that your day is destined to be awful. The film even goes as far as insinuating that if you want bitches (it doesn’t actually say bitches), money or a new car, you can obtain them too, all just by positive thinking. 

Anyone lost yet? 

For example rather than thinking ‘I wish I wasn’t broke so I could afford a car.’ you think of the counter…’When I get a car, I’m going to go on a road trip.’ If you believe in it enough it will come to you some how through the ‘law of attraction’. 

The law of attraction is the theory that our thoughts attract the things we think about. Now it may seem like total and utter spiritual crap but what the hell have you got to loose? You still won’t get a car by complaining about not having a car. Seems basic? Pre-‘The Secret’ me would have said that thinking negative results in less opportunity for disappointment, but post-‘The Secret’ me now thinks that’s ridiculous. Being dissappointed once doesn’t come close to the feeling of being constantly negative. 

The film ended and I’ve been left feeling like a totally different person. 

Negative thoughts have been replaced by positive ones and I feel like today is a turning point in my hesitant approach to the life of travel. 

I’ve understood for a while now that I need to work on being more sociable and relaxed when it comes to meeting new people and this all boils down to me being a miserable cunt. Excuse my French. 

My closest friends and family know me for the ranting, angry little bundle of fury that I am. Now I’m not saying that the fire in me has been extinguished, being a psycho will always be in my blood. But I do believe that my epiphany MAY just have knocked me down a peg or two. It’s like I’m a male bulldog and I’ve been castrated. 

I feel so fucking peaceful. (Anyone else notice that my posts are getting more and more hippy as time goes on.)

So it really is that simple. Replace negative thoughts with positive ones and if you believe in something enough you’ll get it eventually.

‘Worrying is like sitting in a rocking chair, it gives you something to do but it doesn’t get you anywhere.’


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