Farmwork 2.0/Life Tutorial

As you can probably gather from the title. I decided to stick it out in Gatton and see if the work picked up. I’m happy I did.

Kerry and Ludo decided to call it a day and moved to Brisbane last Wednesday. Which I was absolutely devastated by. I’ve been with Kerry since May and it has been none stop belly laughter. She may make me want to punch the living day lights from her every single day with her annoying ways but she has to be the funniest little cunt I know and I’m already lost without her. As for Ludo, we bonded over dancing on a table to Iraq Lobster for crying out loud, that’s a friendship you know that’s going to last a life time. He’s perfect for Kerry, they’re both tragically suited in a weird, disgusting kind of way. It’s very strange not having them around and I miss them both dearly.

I decided not to go with them mainly because I need to do this farmwork in order to stay in Australia for another year, which was always the plan. Sunday before last however I had decided I didn’t want to do the work because I didn’t want to stay in Gatton on my own and the money and hours were too sparce. Deep down though, I had a feeling it wasn’t the right decision to make for me. I knew I needed to give it chance to pick up or I’d risk throwing away 12 more months in this amazing country. 

Lizzie, Alfie and I were offered a months full time work just in the nick of time (the day I had made my mind up to leave in fact, typical!!) and so my decision to leave changed, again (what a head fuck). Alfie and Lizzie moved over to Gatton that Sunday in order to start work the following day and I was saved from packing up my 60L backpack for the millionth time! Close call.

They always tell you to listen to your heart and I’m glad I did.

Not only did I need to stay for me, I’ve been Kerry and Ludo’s third wheel since they met in July, I felt I owed it to them to give them some alone time and this was the perfect opportunity. At almost 25, I can’t cling on to my best friend and her boyfriend like a winnet to a dog’s rear end. It’s tragic. 

Thankfully I have Alfie and Lizzie to share the joys of farmwork with. Kerry and Ludo who?! Kidding, they’re irreplaceable but having familiar faces around me whilst I complete 88 days of slavery is exactly what I need. Lizzie and I work together mostly so it makes it much more bearable. We have quite a giggle in fact. I don’t think I could have stayed here alone. Gatton is depressing and there’s fuck all to do. So the three of us are working like dogs and indulging in more ‘Netflix and chill’ time that I care to admit. Other than that, there really is nothing else to do. 

The reason for my post is to remind myself how much things can change in such a short space of time when you’re travelling. And that’s okay

Planning things (like I usually do) doesn’t always pan out! You have to let nature take its cause sometimes and just go with the flow (something I’m absolutely terrible at; I’m a control freak, there I said it!)

Que the cliché goes *cringe*. 

I’ve gone from desperately wanting to stay in Australia to the point where I would have married a kangaroo, to ditching the idea of a second year, to wanting a second year again all in the space of a week. If I say second year once more my brain might just implode. 

The theme tune to my life could have been ‘Should I Stay Or Should I Go’ at one stage. 

I thought from day one that Australia was just the beginning for Kerry and I, but things changed. I at the least thought I would be with her throughout my farmwork- things change and there’s nothing wrong with that! 

There’ll be a reason for it all somewhere down the line (even though it felt like the end of my life when she told me she wanted to leave.)

There’s things I never planned to ever do too, which I’ve then done at the spur of the moment and have been the right decisions to make. 

Sometimes you just haven’t got a fucking scoobie what is right and what is wrong. That’s fine too. Being an adult is fucked, you don’t just wake up one morning and start drinking coffee, watching the news and making good decisions. It’s a lengthy learning process of trial and error. If you make a terrible decision remember  you can always just drink lots and lots of alcohol- you’re an adult!

So be bold, be brave, be selfish. Things always work out just the way you never imagined.


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