Our Final Week In Darwin And Saying Goodbye

Our last week in Darwin was action packed. We wanted to see as much of the surroundings as we possibly could and given that our hours were cut right back after handing in hour notice at work, we had plenty of time to explore. 

We hired a car and headed out to Litchfield National Park bright and early.

Our first stop was Buley rock hole. Lots of (believe or not) rock swimming holes with lots of little water falls gathered together attracting people in search of a refreshing dip. When I say little, they’re little enough to sit on, but strong enough to almost strip you of your bikini bottoms. Yes that happened. We had a scream here, mostly due to me almost being de-kegged but it was lots of fun jumping in and out of little plunge pools too.

Buley Rock Holes

Getting a massage from Mother Nature- just after she almost de-kegged me!

Our next stop was Florence Falls. Another beautiful spot for cooling off and if you’re Ludo, showing off. After he seen a couple of kids jumping from the top into the refreshing yet deadly plunge pool beneath, of course he had to climb to the top to prove his masculinity! Men and their egos!

Cooling off in Florence falls

Next on route was Tolma falls. A stunning view but sadly not safe for swimming. We explored the top rock pools before realising they were out of bounds due to endangered bats. Oops! We then took to the view point of the falls of which the photo just doesn’t do it any justice. It was truly breath taking.

At the top of Tolmer Falls

Tolmer Falls

Wangi falls was the next stop. It has been made human-friendl and has easy access complete with stairs and railings. This is great for families with young children or older people, but for me it kind of spoilt its natural beauty. Still a beautiful spot, we had a lovely swim and relaxed in the natural ‘hot tub’ which was raised up on a platform. I say ‘hot tub’ because it was more like ‘luke warm water tub’. Probably due to the kids pissing in it, yum.

Wangi Falls

The natural hot tub at Wangi Falls

Our last swimming hole of Litchfield was Cascades. We arrived just as everyone else was leaving so we had the place to ourselves. Which was bliss. I managed to sneak in a quick nap in the sun to dry off ready to head home to Darwin. Via Humpty Doo Tavern for a spot of dinner.

Cascades- peace and quiet at last!

A couple of days later we headed out again in a rental car to the Adelaide River Jumping Crocs Tour. $45 to watch over 5 metre long salt water crocodiles jump out of the water to collect their buffalow meat prize- money well spent if you ask me! Although it did feel like a bit of a circus act and made me question if the crocs have become a bit dependent on the tour for their feeds, though it was still fascinating to see these majestic creatures in their natural habitat. Some of the crocs were over 80 years old and pretty rugged to say the least. One had lost his foot during an attack from a bull shark. We also got to see some baby crocs which basked in the safety of the muddy river side, feasting on mainly mud-skippers (half way between a fish and a lizard). 

The beauty of the Adelaide River was raw. 

So much so that it almost felt like a shame that we were intruding. I’m glad that there’s only certain stretches of the waterways that these types of tours are permitted. As fantastic as it was to see, nature needs left alone. 

Adelaide Jumping Croc Tour

We drove towards Berry Springs National Park where we planned to spend the rest of our day. We stopped off at the entrance for our scheduled picnic and then stripped down to our swimmers ready. Berry springs is another waterhole that has been made more accessible to humans with railings and steps etc. It was still a great swimming spot considering the sea is out of bounds! 

Berry Springs

To round off the day we had a beer at the Boat Club in Fannie bay and then drove up to East Point to watch the sunset. 

Kerry and I, Fannie Bay

Another day, another sunset- East Point

The Friday before we left we had a leaving do pub crawl down Mitchell Street to say goodbye to all of our new friends we had made at work. We started at The Lost Arc at 5pm and worked our way down to Monsoons (some people needless to say didn’t quite make it that far). It was sad to say goodbye to (some of) our work friends as they had been really fun to work with. 

Novotel pub crawl

I allegedly thought that the pub crawl was going to be my final night out in Darwin but Steff somehow managed to drag my hungover self to Shenanigans the following night. 

The hardest goodbye was to Steff, who had become our really good friend. She had been our absolute rock whilst in Darwin and we really have made a friend for life out of her. We are truly going to/ already do miss her and cannot wait to visit her in South Africa.

With teary eyes we kissed her goodbye at the Novotel staff gate and headed to Shenanigans for yet another final, final drink in Darwin. 

The final, final drink in Darwin

After our taxi showed up late to take us to the airport we arrived just in the nick of time to check in for our flight. And that was that. Two months of drinking, eating, partying, working, one of us coming away with a Dutch boyfriend, friends for life and amazing memories made; it was time for the next chapter. Goodbye Darwin, until next time! 

Saying goodbye to where it all began- Dingo Moon Lodge, Darwin


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