An Intro- Getting With The Times

There comes a point in your travel career (yes, I’m calling it a career as it’s my full time job at the moment) that you have to ditch the pen and paper, wave goodbye to writer’s cramp and just get with the times. So I’m writing a blog, like every other traveller I’ve met.

It all started way back in 2010, when I decided I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life. I took a ‘gap yah’ and applied to go volunteer abroad for 3 months to help ‘find myself’.

Now, I don’t want to sound like a clichéd troll here but India really did change me for the better. Who knows, if I hadn’t have gone on that trip I probably would have been voting for ‘Brexit’ in the referendum next week.

I wrote a very average journal throughout my time in India basically to help me remember what I did on a day to day basis. It got very boring very quickly and it became more of a chore having to sit down and try remember what I had done everyday for the past week. (Especially considering I couldn’t even remember what I had for breakfast, although a good guess- it was probably chapati).

My favourite picture of my time in India- Rahis and I in the school ‘playground’

I soldiered on with the journal and I’m extremely glad that I did. It gives me something to look back on and see how quickly I changed from a naive, small town girl to an inquisitive young woman that needed to learn so much more about the world. That’s where I went on to study Global Development and International Relations, where I learnt that foreigners aren’t actually stealing our jobs and that the world is a whole lot more fucked up than at first glance.

After India I knew I needed to get out and see more. The North-East (without pissing off 80% of my Facebook friends) isn’t exactly the land of opportunities. It’s my home and it always will be and I’ll ALWAYS look forward to returning home for a Parmo (UTB) and my local Sam Smiths pub. Sadly, however, it doesn’t have much to offer me at this stage in my life.

So after 3 months of India, 3 years of university, 8 months of living on a floating Thai Prison in Paris (more on that later) I finally, (after 4 long years) booked my one way ticket to Thailand.

Gin breakfast is a must for an early morning flight

I decided after not really enjoying writing my journal in India that I would sack it off this time around (and not be such a ‘gap yah’ toss pot) but I was given a beautiful travel journal at my (third) leaving party and it made me want to write one again. So, week in, week out, I’d sit for an hour or so attempting to fit the pieces of the puzzle back together again. This proved difficult after one too many Changs and/or buckets. I documented mostly about how hungover I was and what we ate- thrilling.

Changs and buckets at the Full Moon

I went on to write about my short stay in Kuala Lumpur (KL to some, if you know then you know), 3 weeks in Bali and then my first 5 months of Australia and again it just became more of a hindrance. So I’m upgrading from pen and paper and going digital in the hope that I write up more frequently.

Watch this space.


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